Create your 360° Visualization within 60 seconds. (Depends on the speed of your computer)
Its a professional System for use in any professional Photostudio.
It is made from Photographers for Photographers.
Easy to handle – intuitively
Swiss made- Highest Quality in manufacture, materials and compatibility.
Optimized workflow to get a perfect result in shortest time.


01) For al common professional Camera systems
02) Allows an elevated platform for placing the product
03) Is a modular system for many types of products (for example: watches, shoes, bikes, textiles..)
04) Allows a product to be lit  from below with a ringflash and frosted acrylic plate
05) Can be mounted from the ceiling with appropriate attachment points 
06) Many different accessories and fittings
07) Positioning help for fast and exact positioning of products.
08) Software controlled rotations from 2 to 360 shots per turn possible
09) No size restrictions
10) Highest resolution of professional digital backs can be processed  therefore you get the best quality in the 360° Visualizations
11) Onestop Imaging when using professional digital backs like „Phase One“ or „Hasselblad“ ….. you have also Printing data
12) Independent source of light (Flashlight, Continuous Light, Daylight…
13) Perfect control by using 3D VIZ Control


01) From 2 to 360 pictures per turn
02) Acceleration and deceleration
03) adjustable speed
04) F-Settings. By Using the FKEYS you can set up own positions. (F1 to F11) (sample: F1: 10;25;35.5;90;270)
05) CW and CCW 
06) Stop process and continuous process
07) Photo and Video – Mode
08) Set able pre trigger Delay (1 to x sec.)
09) Set able post trigger Delay (1 to x sec.)
10) Mac 10.10 and higher


01) HTML is stored directly in the cloud
02) HTML programming under 1 minute
03) No HTML knowledge necessary.
04) Little effort as service and care is taken by us
05) Browser updates are updated on the server side so that not all files have to be regenerated and replaced
06 Boarder (type and color), viewer size, background colors, rotation speed, rotation direction, etc.
       can be configured in seconds, even afterwards
07) For photographers (reseller): Customer loyalty to your customers is increased and an additional monthly revenue stream is generated
08) Easy handling, only the link must be integrated into the website
09) Permanent run ability on all standard browsers and mobile devices
10) Look can be changed in seconds. A product that has been in the shop for a longer time should look new?
 Set the turn to a different design with just a few clicks:
Week 1:    http://my360viewer.com/view/HANDY2/7188ce4cb59a98d8
Week 2:    http://my360viewer.com/view/HANDY/33ab8d1c03f3a929